faviconConsignment Services

Fawsitt Motors offers consignment of your car or collection at our secure, heated facility in Medina, OH that includes concierge service during the process:

We will advertise your vehicle on high traffic websites and forums, plus to our existing customer base via email. The listings will include professionally taken photos…

faviconNational & International Locating Service

We love the hunt!

Let us locate the car you’ve always longed for, or that elusive crown jewel for your collection. Whether it’s classic, modern or a race car, we have the contacts worldwide to find the car of your dreams. We handle the entire process, from locating, inspection, shipping, importing and delivery to your door.

Since the parameters of this service can be quite broad, fees are based on individual circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

faviconInspection Appraisal

Whether your buying or selling we offer a full range of options that include an inspection of the vehicle to varying levels of detail and an appraisal based on current market conditions. On completion you’ll receive a written report which will assist you in establishing the true market value of the vehicle. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

faviconAuction Consultancy

If you’re considering buying or selling a vehicle at one of the major auctions houses such as RM Sotheby’s, Gooding, Mecum or Barrett Jackson etc… We can offer a full range of services to make the experience work for you.

These include but are not limited to:


We can act as your representative at the auction, which includes inspection, verification and condition opinion on any vehicles you may want to bid on. When the vehicle crosses the auction block, we will bid on your behalf to a predetermined amount and ideally stay in live contact with you by telephone during the bidding process to maximize the chances of you being the high bidder.

We will arrange shipping from the auction and delivery to you.


We will recommend the appropriate auction venue for your type of vehicle and then liaise with the auction house to insure your vehicle receives maximum exposure and therefore return.

Coordinate the preparation & transportation so your vehicle to the auction so it arrives in prime condition.

Offer onsite representation prior to the auction while the vehicle is on display to answer questions to potential buyers and be in direct contact with you during the bidding to insure a successful sale.

Fees for the above services are calculated on a case by case basis, please contact us to discuss your requirement.

faviconShipping & Transportation

We have several trusted transportation companies we work with that offer a range of services to facilitate moving your prized possession to or from anywhere in the world. Please contact us for details.

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